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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
Home of Herb Power 21®-Our Registered Trademark 

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Our Philosophy of Natural Health

Natural Health Clinic has an exhaustive range of 100% food herbal supplements.

From its inception as the Natural Health Clinic in 1986, NHC has promoted naturopathy, the philosophy of natural health and healing. The Clinic was founded on four fundamental principles of natural health:

1. Understanding the reason why the condition was contracted.

2. Feeding the body with 100% food supplements.

3. Helping the body to evacuate toxic substances.

4. Helping the body's energy system through herbs, vitamins and organic foods.

Our Vitamin-Supplement Information

Herb Power 21

Herb Power 21 helps promote the health and wellness of every system and organ in your body. Herb Power 21 also provides multivitamin and mineral support. Therefore, it renders to your body a complex wave of high energy by feeding nutrients to every system and organ in your body.  The herbs are synergistic working together to create a super energizing formula! Herb Power 21 is 100% food based, making it totally absorbed and completely bio-available!

Herb Power 21 helps to cleanse, balance and feed the body with life-giving nutrients. Herb Power 21 contains all of the known natural vitamins on the planet, plus over 30 essential minerals, amino acids and natural proteins, all in food form.

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Super Herbal Body Cleanse

Proper elimination and good intestinal integrity is one of the most important priorities in maintaining good health and maximizing energy.  Super Herbal Body Cleanse has been specifically formulated to assist the American population in dealing with the challenge of good intestinal health.

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Think Smart

As we grow older, memory loss and poor concentration challenge everyone; or even our studies and schooling can cause our mental faculties to be weary. Think Smart formula contains a high quality herbal base that was specifically formulated to assist people dealing with these challenges. Think Smart is a synergistic proprietary blend of natural ingredients formulated to positively influence brain health, and is exclusively formulated by the Natural Health Clinic.

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Many people have joint complaints including various forms ofarthritis, rheumatism, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders. There are many products intended to help such people. But most products are not 100% food, they often do not contain all the     nutrient factors needed for optimal joint health.

At The Natural Health Clinic we believe in natural healing and that nutritional supplementation should be food, which is why we came up with 100% food-based Bone-Joint.

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For Women Only

The two greatest symptoms affecting American women today are Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menopause.Specially formulated synergistic blend of 13 herbs. These herbs help promote the health and wellness of women of all stages and ages.

Herbal traditions and studies show that these herbs help support and restore balancing of female hormones.  For Women Only is 100% food based, making it totally bio-available and absorb-able.

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Calm By Nature

Supports a calm, confident, restful mood! Calm by Nature is a specially formulated synergistic blend of quality herbs and nutrients that promote a calm mood and positive outlook. This product helps support rest, restore and replenish the nerves and adrenals, improving your body’s response to stress.

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Nutritional Starter Kit
This kit contains: Eat By Your Blood Type Diet Plan; Healing Process Sheet; Herb Power 21, 120 Capsules; Herbal Blood Builder; Multi-Dophilus; Essential Fatty Acids; Super Green Multi; Amino Max Capsules.

This kit is the first step in bringing about a state of body wellness.  It has been our experience that most individuals are medicated, consuming multiple drugs.  Please be aware that this kit will provide nutritional support for all body system and functions. Therefore it is important to monitor your body if medicated.  Blood pressure and blood sugar levels tend to drop and normalize when your body is introduced to effective nutritional support.

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