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Radio show disc #1

Dr Sullivan's radio shows on CD
with Dr Ollie Henderson
July 2001 shows 1--4
Disc 1 approximately 2 hours long 

Show #1  Causes of high blood pressure and effectiveness of Advanced Pressure Plus

Show #2 Testimony describing Dr Sullivan starting the Natural Health Clinic
An educational message regarding:
Herb Power 21  boosting energy and the immune system
For Women Only balancing female hormones and eradicating female symptoms such as hot flashes

Show #3  Prosta-Aid-Man's Nature now called Man's Nature reducing enlarged prostate gland
Prostate cancer--our nutritional support for the prostate helps protect DNA so the cancer does not come back

Show #4  The human body is like a self-contained battery.
Just as a car battery loses its energy and dies, which is not usually in one day, the human body tells us it is dying with symptoms such as degenerating eye sight, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, bone loss, and fatigue.

Radio Show Disc #2

Show #5 Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
What are the symptoms of mineral deficiency?
Decreased immune system,  diarrhea,  irregular heart beat ,  muscle cramping, numbness or tingling in the extremities, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, poor digestion, osteoporosis, pre-mature aging.

Single herbs and single vitamins do not achieve results, which is why Herb Power 21 is effective. Vitamins are not whole foods; herbs are. Vitamins are contained in herbs. The body needs all components supplied in herbs.

Natural Health Clinic products consist of herbs, which are whole foods.  

Show #6 Breast Cancer
Interview with Mrs. Richardson, who after the accumulative radiation from 10 years of mammogram screening, was linked to her breast cancer. Chemotherapy then made her go into early menopause.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, a scientist expressed concerns of regular mammogram screenings.

In an Associated Press article in the Tulsa World, Dec 16, 2000, a government scientific advisor pannel recommended that the synthetic estrogen utilized in estrogen replacement therapy should be added to the list of cancer- causing drugs. This synthetic estrogen is collected from urine of a pregnant horse. This estrogen also caused many other health problems. 

Good news is Mrs. Richardson started taking For Women Only . The phyto-estrogens (from plants) in this formula stopped her hot flashes and she remained cancer-free.

Show #7 Dr Sullivan Vists Ukraine

The worst nuclear accident in history occurred in Ukraine. The resulting radiation caused cancer. Plus, the medical world was radiating their patients as a cure from radiation poisoning and killing them. 

We need to take our own health into our own hands, just as take our spiritual well being into our own hands also.

Show #8 Your Daily Dose of Truth

Scientist found that exposure to mercury from dentist visits can result in Alzheimer's disease and brain cancer.

Radio Show Disc #3

Show #9 Causes of Arthritis
Bone and joint dysfunction can come from not taking care of yourself and from the depletion of nutrients. Inflammation, arthritis and gout can come from eating too much meat and dairy, which causes calcium to leach from the bones.

Bone Joint contains the nutrients needed to support bones and muscles, including the small molecules of calcium found in plants that the body assimilates well.

Show #10 Continuation of Bone Dysfunction
Foods, drugs, and hormone replacement therapy that rob the body of calcium and can cause osteoporosis, bone fractures, and numerous other afflictions. Consumption of dairy and meat do not contribute to the body's health. 

Bone Joint contains the nutrients the body needs to support bones and muscles.

Show #1 Nov 2001 Disease is Due to Nutritional Deficiency
Dr. Sullivan's third visit to Ukraine revealed that Ukrainians suffer from the same ailments as Americans. The only difference is Americans are drugged. Ukrainians suffer from malnutrition due to widespread poverty. Americans suffer from malnutrition because of the Standard American Diet, then from the side effects of drugs given to combat it. 

More importantly, most Americans suffer from depleted friendly bacteria (probiotics) in the gut, which leads to symptoms of malnutrition.

Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes promotes digestion and necessary vitamin production to combat nutritional deficiencies. 

Show #2 Nov 2001 Get Healthy Naturally
More diseases linked to nutritional deficiency.
Talks about the third visit to Ukraine with Dr Nick, they saw 150 patients.
interview with Elizabeth Alvarez. from Long Beach California, she worked with Ali Henderson.
She had kidney 
failure, a girl friend told her to get on some herbs from the Natural Health Clinic.
She bought Herb Power 21, and the liver Kidney kit.
Within one week she started feeling better with more energy, she was able to go to Bible College.

Radio Show Disc #4


Dr Sullivan's Radio Programs on CD
Nov 2001 programs 3--6 
Disc 4 approximately 2 hours long

Program #3 Stay Healthy Naturally
Interview with Donna Marshall
Donna was having severe hot flashes and sweating constantly. She started taking For Women Only  and immediately the hot flashes ceased.
Dr. Sullivan explains the part of the brain called hypothalamus has a lot of duties. One of the duties is to regulate hormones. 

Program #4 Getting Healthy Naturally

Interview with Joan Tolson
Herb Power 21
gives her so much energy. She was able to make ten prayer cloths, while being able to sew many hours. Joan takes our Super Green Multi which helped  her tremendously. Also,  Way-Less helped her to lose many inches around her waist.Interview with Joan Tolson
Herb Power 21
gives her so much energy. She was able to make ten prayer cloths, while being able to sew many hours. Joan takes our Super Green Multi which helped  her tremendously. Also,  Way-Less helped her to lose many inches around her waist.

Dr. Sullivan reads from an article called US Health by Prevention Magazine. The article states food is not enough to combat disease.
Only supplements can provide high levels of nutrients to reverse disease. For example, you would have to eat 58 cups of spinach and 6 cups of peanuts to get what four  Herb Power 21 capsules can provide. Supplements are concentrated; therefore you would not need to eat so much to achieve healthy benefits.

Progam #5 Get Healthy Naturally

Your body carries you around, so doesn't it make sense to take care of your body by spending some money on the effective supplements from the Natural Health Clinic.

Program #6 Education not medication is the answer to better health and long life.
This program gives amazing information from scientists about the dangers of prescription drugs.

Radio Show Disc #5

Show #7 Your Immune System--How to Keep it Strong

What is your immune system? It is like armor on your body for protection. Poor dietary choices weaken that armor.

Eat organic produce and animal products, otherwise you eat a lot of pesticides and petrochemicals which lower your body's resistance--your armor--your immune system, and invite health problems. Do not drink tap water which is also loaded with chemicals that weaken your body, especially your intestinal health.

Show #8 Stay Healthy Naturally

Interview with Amy Jones from Little Rock, Arkansas, testifying about Herb Power 21 .

“Medical doctors use the wrong tools: drugs, X-rays, and surgery.”

 Nutritional Starter Kit helps your body overcome ailments by supplying the proper tools of nutrition.

Show #9 Stay Healthy Naturally

Interview with Ms. Meggs from California, testifying about For Women Only .

Serious side effects including cancer result from the synthetic hormone replacement therapy (which is essentially horse urine).
For Women Only provides the kind of estrogen—phytoestrogens—that God intended for the female.
Our intestines should contain around 3-1/2 pounds of probiotics (friendly bacteria). Symptoms of probiotic deficiency (called disease and poor health) include gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, depression, headaches, hyperactivity, asthma, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, skin problems and more.

Show #10 Stay Healthy Naturally “Feed your body with life-giving nutrients.”

Interview with Louise Baltimore from Little Rock, Arkansas. She said Herb Power 21 boosted her immune system because she wasn’t getting sick as she used to and energy levels rose. She also took Bone-Joint for her knee problems, which after 3 days all pain left!

The herbs in Natural Health Clinic products work in the body to produce healing by supplying what the body needs and lacks.

Nutritional Starter Kit is effective nutritional support and energy that the Standard America Diet (SAD) has robbed from the body.

“Get on the Natural Health Clinic road to health.”

Interview about Advanced Pressure Plus with Herb Power 21 normalizing blood pressure in about one week.