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Dr. Terrance Leon Sullivan

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There was actually a time when Dr. Terrance Leon Sullivan was
homeless and lived on a beach in Venice California.
Venice was a town he embraced with enthusiasm...with a loving
eye, compassionate heart, and a tongue of prayer.
Dr Sullivan got a dream...a vision from God, that would change
the journey of his life, and the lives of countless others.

He first went to a massage school and became a certified therapist.
He started doing massages on the beach in Venice California where he lived.
He then moved from California and became a certified Iridologist.
After that, he graduated from Clayton School of Natural Healing.

He knew many U.S. presidents personally.
Also, Dr Sullivan knew many senators and people in Washington, DC.
His education and associations led him to obtain financial backing. 

In 1986 Dr. Sullivan founded the Natural Health Clinic.
He is the original creator of Herb Power 21 and has been on many radio stations nationwide, teaching about health and nutrition.

Dr. Sullivan married Jenny Tate and had three children together.
He had a strong faith in God and attended churches in Oklahoma.
He was a very passionate person, a seeker of life, and a friend to so many.
A Renaissance Man, an Irish man, and a complicated man of wisdom and intelligence...who was way ahead of his time.

When he started the Natural Health Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK,
Dr. Sullivan developed a naturopathic apprenticeship program.
He trained and guided many people from many different walks
of life about wellness and nutrition.

These people are now able focus on their journey in life.
They now have their own naturopathic practice, pastor churches, 
own big companies, teach in colleges, or work in government.

Dr. Sullivan had great business direction and was a very giving man.
He had a special founding member of the Natural Health Clinic in Broken Arrow who helped him initially set up the shelves and went through the apprenticeship program.
Her name is Dr. Faith.  She is now the head Naturopath.

Herb Power 21 has been the trademark and has been sold since 1986.

We have been given written permission and all rights to Herb Power 21
and all the the Natural Health Clinic products and logo by Jenny Tate Sullivan.
Herb Power 21 is our property!


Our Philosophy of Natural Health

Natural Health Clinic has an exhaustive range of 100% food herbal supplements.

From its inception as the Natural Health Clinic in 1986, NHC has promoted naturopathy, the philosophy of natural health and healing. The Clinic was founded on four fundamental principles of natural health:

1. Understanding the reason why the condition was contracted.

2. Feeding the body with 100% food supplements.

3. Helping the body to evacuate toxic substances.

4. Helping the body's energy system through herbs, vitamins and organic foods.

Our vitamin and mineral-depleted food supply causes people to be deprived of the nutrients that are essential for their bodies to function properly. In fact, most supplements are made from rocks, synthetic ingredients, industrial chemicals and acids. Natural Health Clinic products are not. NHC products are 100% food from herbs, completely bio-available, expertly formulated first by the founder and then further enhanced by an experienced Master Herbalist, Dr. Faith Pierce. These products hold a track record of over 30 years of customers no longer using prescription drugs, of experiencing higher energy levels, and of restoring higher levels of health and wellness.