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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
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Program #7 Your Immune System--How to Keep it Strong

What is your immune system? It is like armor on your body for protection. Poor dietary choices weaken that armor.

Eat organic produce and animal products, otherwise you eat a lot of pesticides and petrochemicals which lower your body's resistance--your armor--your immune system, and invite health problems. Do not drink tap water which is also loaded with chemicals that weaken your body, especially your intestinal health.

Program #8 Stay Healthy Naturally

Interview with Amy Jones from Little Rock, Arkansas, testifying about Herb Power 21 .

“Medical doctors use the wrong tools: drugs, X-rays, and surgery.”

Nutritional Starter Kit helps your body overcome ailments by supplying the proper tools of nutrition.

Program #9 Stay Healthy Naturally

Interview with Ms. Meggs from California, testifying about For Women Only .

Serious side effects including cancer result from the synthetic hormone replacement therapy (which is essentially horse urine).
For Women Only provides the kind of estrogen—phytoestrogens—that God intended for the female.
Our intestines should contain around 3-1/2 pounds of probiotics (friendly bacteria). Symptoms of probiotic deficiency (called disease and poor health) include gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, depression, headaches, hyperactivity, asthma, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, skin problems and more.

Program #10 Stay Healthy Naturally “Feed your body with life-giving nutrients.”

Interview with Louise Baltimore from Little Rock, Arkansas. She said Herb Power 21 boosted her immune system because she wasn’t getting sick as she used to and energy levels rose. She also took Bone-Joint for her knee problems, which after 3 days all pain left!

The herbs in Natural Health Clinic products work in the body to produce healing by supplying what the body needs and lacks.

Nutritional Starter Kit is effective nutritional support and energy that the Standard America Diet (SAD) has robbed from the body.

“Get on the Natural Health Clinic road to health.”

Interview about Advanced Pressure Plus with Herb Power 21 normalizing blood pressure in about one week.


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