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Radio Show Disc #4

$15.95 $39.95

Dr Sullivan's Radio Programs on CD
Nov 2001 programs 3--6 
Disc 4 approximately 2 hours long

Program #3 Stay Healthy Naturally
Interview with Donna Marshall
Donna was having severe hot flashes and sweating constantly. She started taking For Women Only  and immediately the hot flashes ceased.
Dr. Sullivan explains the part of the brain called hypothalamus has a lot of duties. One of the duties is to regulate hormones. 

Program #4 Getting Healthy Naturally
Dr. Sullivan reads from an article called US Health by Prevention Magazine. The article states food is not enough to combat disease.
Only supplements can provide high levels of nutrients to reverse disease. For example, you would have to eat 58 cups of spinach and 6 cups of peanuts to get what four  Herb Power 21 capsules can provide. Supplements are concentrated; therefore you would not need to eat so much to achieve healthy benefits.

Interview with Joan Tolson
Herb Power 21
gives her so much energy. She was able to make ten prayer cloths, while being able to sew many hours. Joan takes our Super Green Multi which helped 
her tremendously. Also,  Way-Less helped her to lose many inches around her waist.

Progam #5 Get Healthy Naturally
Your body carries you around, so doesn't it make sense to take care of your body by spending some money on the effective supplements from the Natural Health Clinic.

Program #6 Education not medication is the answer to better health and long life.

This program gives amazing information from scientists about the dangers of prescription drugs.

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