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Radio Show Disc #3

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Dr Sullivan with Dr Ollie Henderson
Radio Programs on CD
July 2001 programs 9--10
Nov 2001 programs 1--2
Disc 3 approximately 2 hours long

Program #9 Causes of Arthritis
Bone and joint dysfunction can come from depletion of nutrients.   Bone Joint contains the nutrients needed to support bones and muscles, including the small molecules of calcium found in plants that the body assimilates well.

Program #10 Continuation of Bone Dysfunction

Bone Joint contains the nutrients the body needs to support bones and muscles.

Program #1 Nov 2001 Disease is Due to Nutritional Deficiency

Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes promotes digestion and necessary vitamin production to combat nutritional deficiencies. 

Program #2 Nov 2001 Get Healthy Naturally
More diseases linked to nutritional deficiency

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