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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
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Shower Head Filter + Advanced Vitamin C Ceramic


Life Ionizers shower filters feature Advanced KDF Filtration Technology! Plus laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Chlorine Reduction Technology! Our KDF is tested to address heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride and volatile organic chemicals! Removing the chlorine in your shower water has important benefits! In the shower, chlorine is released from hot water, so build up of chlorine vapor can be inhaled! Reducing chlorine means softer, shinier hair, softer skin! Also protects your health from chlorine vapor! Vitamin C Filter lowers the pH of water as skin and hair need slightly acidic water for proper care! The filter also addresses chloramines in your water with Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filtration Technology! Most shower filters don’t have vitamin C technology, so they only filter chlorine and not chloramines!

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