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Lymph & Blood Cleanser

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Lymph & Blood Cleanser Benefits

Healthy lymph system crucial to detoxify!

Stops a cold feeling, shivering, and fever!

Gives blood abundance of oxygen to the lungs!

Fights coughs, respiratory infections, and asthma!

Powerful potent antiviral, antibacterial properties!

Warms body, pushes out coldness opening the pores!

Kills, viruses, bacteria, fungus in lymph, blood, and organs!

The Challenge
Toxic workplaces exist in all industries and professions. Modern lifestyles and diets, as well as our inevitable daily exposure to pollutants and chemicals, means that an ever-increasing number of people are looking to cleanse their body systems. Everyone knows that doctors are supposed to heal, not harm their patients. Everyone knows sometimes doctors inadvertently cause harm by prescribing drugs, which can have dangerous side effects, be addictive, or even be lethal. Number 1 culprit is pain killer usage, which has massively increased. Pain killer usage long term can cause severe toxicity to the liver and kidneys. Number 2 is methadone—most risky when combined with other drugs. Number 3 is benzodiazepines—a group of tranquilizer drugs. Long term usage can develop dependence, with a potentially nasty withdrawal syndrome that can be life-threatening. Number 4 is anabolic steroids. Long term use may cause cardiovascular disease. There have been high rates of accidental drug toxicity. There is also an association between elevated aggression and violence in steroid users, and higher rates of violent causes of death such as homicide and suicide. Prescription drugs long term may be very dangerous for the elderly causing sleep problems, anxiety, memory issues, frequent falls, and depression.

How The Lymph System Works
The lymph system, known as the Tree of Life, drains waste from every cell and organ in the body, including the heart and digestive system. It provides an immune detox defense for any toxins passing through the intestines, skin, respiratory tract and more. The lymph system is vulnerable to the formation of scar tissue and distortion as we age, much like the cardiovascular system. It drains 3 pounds of plaque and other toxins from the brain each year. Poor lymph drain from the brain and central nervous system has been linked to psychological, cognitive and immune concerns. The lymph system moves primarily via muscular contractions or exercise. Lack of regular exercise can congest the brain and CNS lymphatic channels that drain the brain while you sleep.

Keeping the lymph system clean, or “the drains” of the body, is critical to optimal health and longevity. Here’s why: It is both a detox system and nutrient delivery system, and home of the immune system. Life cannot exist without it. It delivers fats as fuel for in-between-meal energy in the form of triglycerides. When the lymph system is not functioning optimally, it is a major cause of fatigue. Any proteins and fats that are too large to enter the bloodstream go undigested into the stomach and small intestine, and then are picked up and processed by the lymph system. This is directly linked to weight gain.

The Solution
Cleansing your lymph system and blood with herbs such as in our “Lymph & Blood Cleanser” may better the quality of your health amazingly, may decrease doctor office visits, and may extend your life. These herbs work synergistically to produce powerful cleansing benefits for your body. Toxins can be eliminated. Lymphatic drainage is promoted, and lymph and tissue fluid stimulated. Immune
system is boosted and cardiovascular health improves. Blood will receive an abundance of oxygen, greatly benefitting digestion and circulation. Red blood cell production increases, helping cells remove CO2 . Normal blood pressure can be maintained and skin conditions improved.

In addition, drinking lots of alkaline water will bring cleansing oxygen into body cells in about 60 seconds. Purchasing a rebounder and jumping up and down with your arms raised over head, helps lymphatic fluid move and greatly improves circulation. This activity helps fight lymphatic congestion. Additionally, please see the associated flier by clicking “Rebounding For Lymphatic Congestion”, which is highly important.

Lymph & Blood Cleanser Benefits
√  Helps to eliminate toxins!
√  Maintains pH in the blood!
√  Promotes lymphatic drainage!
√  Stimulates lymph and tissue fluid!
√  Gives blood abundance of oxygen!
√  Beneficial for digestion and circulation!
√  Increases red blood cells removing CO2!  
√  Healthy lymph system crucial to detoxify!

Benefits of Healthy Blood and Lymph System

• Strong immune system
• Cardiovascular health is promoted
• Cleansed and nourished cells in the body
• Normal blood pressure can be maintained
• Sexual arousal and erections can occur normally

Improve Your Life by Cleansing Your Lymph System and Blood —
“Your Tree of Life”

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