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Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender

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The Challenge
A main reason for female estrogen dominance is because conventional medicine often prescribes estrogen replacement therapy for menopausal women to alleviate symptoms, or hormonal birth control for premenopausal women, which just adds more estrogen on top of excess estrogen. Hormonal birth control releases synthetic progesterone, which suppresses natural progesterone production. Progesterone balances the effects of estrogen, and without enough, symptoms of estrogen dominance result. But you don’t have to be a long-time Pill user to develop hormone imbalance problems. There are numerous sources of which male and female alike can experience estrogen dominance, such as using personal care products that contain a huge amount of man-made xenoestrogens, which means they mimic estrogen and disrupt hormone balance. Also, the conventional foods we eat (i.e. consuming processed foods, refined flours and sugars) contain growth hormones and sprayed-on pesticides which have endocrine disruptors will impair our cells. Smokey flavoring and smoked foods can damage DNA, as well as aging, exposure to dangerous chemicals, smoking, stress, and high-energy radiation such as X-rays. And these same chemicals and estrogens often end up in our water supply. These days, there are estrogen hormones in our dairy products. They pass into our food chain. Cows are injected with estrogen hormones to get bigger faster. The results are children are much bigger. Male high school students have full beards. Young girls are fully developed. And kids are taller.

Just what is estrogen dominance? 
Men need estrogen at the proper levels to maintain sex drive, keep fat production in check, and prevent male menopause and prostate cancer. Women need estrogen for female fertility, bone density, and reproductive growth. Estrogen is crucial for day-to-day functioning, but too much estrogen can cause a host of health problems. Estrogen dominance is essentially too much estrogen.

Male Estrogen Dominant Symptoms
• Infertility
• Sexual dysfunction
• Loss of muscle mass
• Enlarged breasts • Increased abdominal fat

Female Estrogen Dominant Symptoms
• Infertility
|• Brain fog
• Increased PMS
• Abnormal periods 
• Fibrocystic breasts
• Endometriosis or fibroids
• Weight gain (hips, tummy, thighs) 

Just what are ill-boding cells?
The word mutation just doesn’t sound like something good. By definition, a mutation is a permanent change in DNA. Mutations, for the most part, are harmless except when they lead to tumor formation, which are ill-bonding cells that mimic healthy cells. Hence, the body’s immune system doesn’t know what to attack. However, the p53 protein is located in the nucleus of cells throughout the body, where it attaches (binds) directly to DNA. (It is actually the p53 gene that provides instructions for making the tumor-suppressor gene.) P53 regulates cell division by keeping cells from growing and dividing too fast or in an uncontrolled way, meaning p53 plays a critical role in determining whether damaged DNA will be repaired or a damaged cell will self-destruct (undergo apoptosis). If the DNA can be repaired, p53 activates other genes to fix the damage. If the DNA cannot be repaired, this protein prevents the cell from dividing and signals it to undergo death. By stopping cells with mutated or damaged DNA from dividing, p53 helps prevent the development of tumors.

The Solution
The good news is really exciting, which is that p53—a repair gene—a cell defender—which protects cells from becoming cancerous, can be highly activated by many natural substances—substances that do not have the negative side effects of drug therapies. The ability to activate p53 within cells may stop cell and DNA damage, or even cause cancer cell death. Cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, tend to have high PEITC content and have been found to support p53. PEITC (phenethylisothyanate) decreases the levels of mutated p53 and helps to restore normal activity of this protein. High amounts of vitamin C, as in Acerola Berry, is another promoter of p53. Resveratrol also activates the p53 gene. Zinc, found in rosemary and sage, helps protect the p53 gene against cancer-forming mutations. Ingredients in the Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender formula all support the p53 gene. strogen Blocker Cell Defender Benefits Numerous immune-fighting substances! • Helps nutrients cross blood-brain barrier! Helps to oxygenate all vital organs and cells! • Attacks unhealthy cells that mimic healthy cells! Combats estrogen dominance! • Activates p53 protein—a tumor-suppressor gene!

Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender Benefits
• Numerous immune-fighting substances!
• Helps nutrients cross blood-brain barrier!
• Helps to oxygenate all vital organs and cells!
• Activates p53 protein—a tumor-suppressor gene!
• Attacks unhealthy cells that mimic healthy cells! Combats estrogen dominance! 

We can change the way our genes and our hormones behave by making good dietary choices!

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