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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
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√ Helps manage diabetes

√ Formation of collagen, heals wounds

√ Boosts immunity, digestion, cognition

√ Prevents onset of age-related diseases

√ High in vitamins, minerals and nutrients

√ Promotes healthy cartilage, bones, teeth

What is Acerola? Acerola is a shrub or small tree that bears a delicious cherry-like fruit, which is why you usually hear the term “acerola cherry”, rather than just acerola. It thrives in the warm climates of Central America, South America, Florida, California, and Texas. As the fruit matures, it develops into bright red cherries. The acerola fruit is dried and the powder is formed from the inside of the seeds. It contains over 150 phytonutrients and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C on the planet. In fact, it far surpasses oranges in vitamin C potency! Vitamin C helps fight infections, strengthens the immune system, prevents blood clots, regenerates damaged skin tissues, and builds collagen.

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