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Life MXL-7 Next Generation Water Ionizer

Buy LIFE IONIZER with Confidence! • Dimensions - 15 x 13 ¾ x 6

• Available colors - black or white 
* Protection - automatic heat sensor
• Installation convertible - under counter or on counter-top
• Ten (10) years warranty on labor - Lifetime warranty on parts

Huge Ultraviolet XL Sterilization System UV Light Technology 
Optional LIFE exclusive technology - protects you from waterborne diseases.
UV Light is EPA approved for protection from:
• Bacteria – Like the deadly e-Coli
• Viruses – Such as Hepatitis A • Cysts – Such as Cryptosporidium and Guardia.

Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology - Protects you from the harmful effects of chlorine and
chloramines, which have proven harmful even in tiny amounts!
Protection found exclusively in LIFE Ionizers.

First Internal Filter – Coarse granular activated carbon traps sediments and begins our multi stage process to treat toxins commonly found in all tap water such as chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides.

Second Internal Filter – Our exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Block® technology (patent pending)that specifically address chlorine and chloramines and the fine granular activated carbon work together to protect you with the highest levels of toxin reduction found in any home water ionize

The 7 plate water ionizer that crushes the competition... No other 7 plate water ionizer can compete with the performance, water purity, or warranty.

The Life Ionizers Next Generation MXL-7 water ionizer combines 7 huge titanium platinum coated plates with up to 450 watts of power to create the strongest alkaline water in it’s class!

No matter the pH of your source water, the MXL-7 will produce the highest quality alkaline and acidic water possible. Not only will your water be alkaline and anti-oxidant rich, you will be drinking the purest water on the market.

With every water ionizer, we complete a water quality analysis and customize the filtration on every unit for your specific water. Combine this with BPA-free tubing and the Life Next Generation M-Series insures that your water is the cleanest possible.

The space saving, compact design and sleek look allows the Life Ionizer Next Generation MXL-7 to fit beautifully into any kitchen.

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