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Super Herbal Body Cleanse

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The Challenge

Once a toxic substance has contacted the body, it may have either
acute (immediate) or chronic (long term) effects. Toxins cause
asphyxiants, which cause depletion of oxygen to the tissues,
which causes internal damage.

Most everyone cleans something: their homes, their vehicles.
We clean our clothes. Everyone cleans the outside of their
bodies. However, the inside of our bodies also gets dirty...
toxic dirty! Toxins come from the environment and air pollution.
Toxic substances are in the food supply. Toxic chemicals are
within the products we use daily.

In the United States, we are exposed to more than 87,000
chemicals banned in over 80 countries. Many of those
chemicals metabolize in our bodies as estrogens, which have
been shown to cause cancer and other diseases. This means
cleansing and detoxing the body becomes paramount.

The Solution

Since our bodies face immense detoxification challenges,
Super Herbal Body Cleanse was formulated to help improve
our body’s overall health and wellness, and may even reduce
the risk of cancer. This herbal cleanse detoxifies the colon,
lymph system and organ, including the brain. It also maintains
regularity and causes the digestive system to be more effective.

Your body faces immense detoxification challenges these days.
Unlike other cleanses, while cleansing all the organs, Super Herbal Body Cleanse nourishes and detoxes your blood, brain,colon and lymph system, helping to improve your body’s overall health, and even reducing your risk of colon cancer. This body cleanse helps prevent constipation and diarrhea by balancing hydrationin the digestive tract, promoting more effective and regular digestion. It promotes weight loss in a sustained way, while boosting energy and maintaining pH balance in the bloodstream.

Super Herbal Body Cleanse Benefits
√ Boosts energy
√  Eliminates toxins
√  Promotes weight loss
√  Helps relieve constipation
√  Maintains pH in the blood
√  Promotes effective digestion
√  Cleanses lymph system and organs

Other Benefits Include
• Promotes weight loss • Improves blood circulation • More restful sleep
• Boosts energy • Maintains pH balance in the blood
• Body cleansing has been shown to boost brain power --
  Who doesn’t want that benefit!

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