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Calm By Nature


The Challenge
The average American diet, stress, anxiety, and depression rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals. For children, this lack of essential nutrients leads to ADD, lack of focus, behavioral issues and a host of issues for adults.

Dr. David Katz states that children born in the year 2000 and later are not expected to outlive their parents. Poor diet in kids is more dangerous than alcohol, drugs and tobacco combined.

Anxiety disorder affects an increasing percentage of Americans of all ages. Anxiety prescriptions alone account for an annual cost of $42 billion yet only mask symptoms and add unwanted side effects. Anxiety produces stress on the adrenal glands by pumping out too much cortisol and other stress hormones, which throw the brain neurotransmitters out of balance.

The Solution
One can choose synthetic formulas with their side effects or choose our specially formulated, 100% food based, synergistic blend of herbs which supply essential vitamins, minerals and hormones our bodies must have to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Calm by Nature supports a calm, confident, restful mood and positive outlook. This product helps restore and replenish the nerves and adrenals, and improve the body’s response to stress.

Other Benefits Include
• Promotes relaxation
• Increases mental and physical stamina
• Relieves insomnia and fatigue Relieves ADD and OCD
• Rejuvenates nerves and relieves stress Normalizes blood pressure

Calm by Nature is a specially formulated synergistic blend of quality herbs and nutrients that promote a calm mood and positive outlook. This product helps support rest, restore and replenish the nerves and adrenals, improving your body’s response to stress.

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