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For Women Only

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The Challenge
Because of the overabundance of chemical estrogens in our environment and food supply, the American woman faces more health issues than just PMS and menopause. Pesticides in food, household chemicals, plastics and even fibers in our clothing metabolize into estrogens! This results in all of her hormones getting out of balance, including progesterone and testosterone.

The standard American diet of most women lacks bio-available vital nutrients. Common prescriptions for women’s health issues either just mask symptoms or cause dangerous side effects. In addition, most supplements are made from industrial chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are not bio-available. They do not resolve the problems.

The Solution
For Women Only has a proven track record of supporting and maintaining good female health. Not only does this formula contain phyto-estrogens, or plant-based estrogens which studies show are safer forms of estrogens, but also contains polyphenols and other powerful antioxidants. Plant derived iron, biotin, calcium and magnesium, EFA’s, A, B complex, D, E, folic acid for fertility, selenium, and zinc are all found here in bio-available food form.

Other Benefits Include
Improves vaginal dryness • Improves low sex drive • Relieves headaches, depression and mood swings • Aids weight loss • Addresses bladder issues • Reduces varicose veins, hair loss, hemorrhoids and hot flashes • Improves concentration • Relieves PMS, sleeplessness and breast tenderness • Decreases water retention, adrenal exhaustion and anemia • Lowers cortisol levels

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