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Herb Power 21

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Contains 90 capsules per bottle

Herb Power 21 contains many herbs high in Zinc:
Chickweed, Dandelion, Mullein, Rosemary, Fenugreek

The Challenge

People are deprived of the nutrients that are essential for cells
to function properly. Our vitamin- and mineral-depleted food
supply does not provide the nutrients for these functions.

Normal cells have many functions such as take in nutrition
• maintenance • eliminate waste and toxins

Cells must also protect themselves from unfriendly bacteria
• fungi and viruses • free radicals and repair damage done by them

Vitamins and minerals in most supplements are made from isolated, industrial chemicals and ground up rocks processed with acids. Those supplements do not contain the protein chaperones or other food factors needed for cellular absorption. These substances actually become toxic chemical residue in cells.

The Solution
The herbs in our flagship product - Herb Power 21 which has
a track record of over 36 years of satisfied customers - contain all
known natural vitamins, plus over 30 essential and trace
minerals, amino acids and natural proteins, all in food form -
NOT isolated, synthetic chemicals. The herbs work synergistically to promote the health and wellness of every cell, organ, and system of the body in a complex wave of high energy.

Herb Power 21 helps promote the health and wellness of every system and organ in your body. Herb Power 21 also provides multivitamin and mineral support. Therefore, it renders to your body a complex wave of high energy by feeding nutrients to every system and organ in your body. 

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